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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources] Resource Folder filters

Hi James,

James Blackburn wrote:
Hi Serge,

Isn't this just going to be a less flexible bottom-up reimplementation
of your groups + linked resources work?  Do you expect user to change
filters on the fly, or are they only set via your filters extension

My opinion is that the Linked resources, groups, independent paths and resource filters are complementary mechanism.

Groups and Linked Resources allows the user to setup the project structure by explicitly including files, while the resource filters allows setting up the project structure by excluding files and folders from a larger subset.

Both approach should be fully supported, in my opinion, as one is more practical for some case than the other.

For example, if the user has a directory with 40 .c files, and only 20 should be included, it would be a hassle to attempt to build a filter set for those 20 files, while they can be simply drag and dropped as linked resources.

While if the user has a directory with 1000 files in many sub directories, and only 20 .c files should be included, putting an "inherited" filter on the top directory is a convenient way to build the project structure.

Given a choice of both, I'd say VS style groups and linked resources
seem the way forward.  To me it seems better to allow users to
fleixibly pull resources in as they see fit, rather than exclude
resources at the outset.  What happens, for example, if a user were to
accidentally change the filter to *.* would they lose metadata on
existing resources in the workspace?

Doug has mentioned CCRC, and maybe that's the right approach for
adding resources from EFS filesystems.  A user could change to a
Filesystem browser perspective -- much like repository exploring --
and choose to pull in linked resources / groups into their workspace
as they see fit.  Filters could then be implemented at the link /
group creation stage.  The user could enter some set of expressions
for files / folders to filter and the creation dialog could show them
a preview of the tree that will be created in the Workspace.  What do
you think?

I'm not familiar with CCRC, but I'd be curious to lean more about it, can you point to some example?

Is the FileSystem browser perspective similar to having Windows Explorer in one window and the Eclipse package explorer in another and using existing drag and drop operations?



On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Serge Beauchamp <serge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

We're working on a "Resource Folder Filter" feature that, a little bit like
Visual Studio does, allows to control which files and folders are picked up
when a refresh is performed in the workspace on a folder.

The Resource Folder Filter works very simply by the ability to set a list of
filters (which can be extended with a core resource extension point) on a
IFolder, whether it is a standard folder or linked resource, and the option
to make it "inherited", in which cases it applies to all its children
A filter can be defined to either "include only" or "exclude all" files and
folders matching a given criteria

A default filter is available that allows the user to specify an "include
only" filter that match a string pattern, such as "*.c;*.h".

This feature will allow significant performance and scalability improvement
for users having a large file system tree, as as opposed to hidden
resources, filtered files and folders are not created in the resource tree,
so don't consume needlessly resources.

Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

Serge Beauchamp.
Software Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor
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