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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources] REST (Representational State Transfer)

Hi Michael,

My apologies...I was not able to attend the call this morning.

Thanks for the REST pointers. Two points I would like to make about RESTful approaches:

1) Although IMHO a fine approach for implementing protocols, REST itself doesn't really deal with issues of asynchrony at the client's Filesystem/API level. 2) We've used/are using REST APIs to implement providers of some of the ECF APIs (e.g. Twitter's server API is REST-ful...and we use that to implement a Twitter provider for the ECF presence API...which is an asynchronous API). This is just to say that given the ECF provider approach, RESTful protocols can/are used alongside others.



Michael Scharf wrote:
In the call today some asked for some links to an introduction
to REST. Wikipedia is a good starting point:

Some important attributes of the RESTful approach is:
    * Client-server
    * Stateless
    * Cacheable
    * Layered

Here is a podcast (~1h) introducing the REST concepts (and some links):

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