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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources] EFS IFileTree

I forgot to mention this during the meeting, so I just wanted to mention a little know EFS interface called IFileTree. The idea of this interface was to allow for batched interaction with an entire file sub-tree. This prevents the large number of round-trips needed when a client needs to walk over an entire subtree of a slow/remote file system. It allows you to get a snapshot of an entire remote tree state in a single round-trip. In some experiments we did back in the day, this dramatically sped up certain operations like refreshLocal over a high latency remote tree. I mention it only because it's probably an under-exploited concept that could perhaps be expanded upon to improve performance in remote resource scenarios. I could imagine expanding the idea to allow a client to queue up a whole batch of file changes, that could be fired off in a single round-trip to the remote system for processing.


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