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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] CSS walkthrough - Aug 20 at 11am EDT/ 5pm CEST


Kevin McGuire wrote:
> After solving the N-body problem we now have a date and time for the CSS 
> walkthrough:
> Wed. Aug 20, 11am EDT/5pm CEST - 
> (one week from today).  Sorry that doesn't work for all but its the best 
> we can do.  Please allow 1.5 hours so we can have some good technical 
> discussion.
> Thanks to all for providing availability and special thanks to Angelo Zerr 
> for moving his schedule to accomodate.
> Those who will be presenting, please prepare a short presentation (max 10 
> min) so we can have some material to prompt discussion.  The presentation 
> might simply be the wiki page you edited, or a slide show to share.
> Goals (please add to):
> 1. Understand current choices for CSS technology 
> 2. Understand what our requirements are (e.g. kinds of selectors we care 
> about)
> 3. Ideally, choose one technology to start concrete technical 
> investigation
> 4. Decide next steps.

I had a discussion with Frank and we came across a couple of
architectural questions that are still unclear to us. As an example,
which roles will be involved in the development process - I guess the
person writing a style sheet is not necessarily a programmer - and the
like. I'd like to suggest that we try to clarify those higher-level
questions before we move on to actually evaluating technologies.

I added a wrap-up of our questions to my personal wiki page:

It's just a rough draft that might serve as a skeleton for the
discussion. By the way, I wonder: shouldn't we create a wiki page of its
own for the CSS topic?

Best regards,

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