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Re: [eclipse-dev] RFC: Eclipse TLP migration to Github

+1 from me to move to GitHub.

BJ Hargrave
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM // office: +1 386 848 1781
OSGi Fellow and OSGi Specification Project lead // mobile: +1 386 848 3788
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [eclipse-dev] RFC: Eclipse TLP migration to Github
Date: Thu, Oct 14, 2021 15:20
Hey everyone,
We (Eclipse PMC) have been discussing migration to Github so we try to get closer to the bigger developer community and at the same time enhance the tooling we use daily.
We have prepared a document [1] listing why, what, when, how according to our best knowledge but we are looking for your comments, ideas, etc. so together we choose the best path forward for Eclipse IDE development process.
P.S. All communication channels are fine - comments on the document, mailing list discussions and even calls to discuss things.

Aleksandar Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team
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