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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Andrew Obuchowicz on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Andrew Obuchowicz on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Lars Vogel with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Andrew as platform committer. Andrew works currently
in an internship for Redhat, mainly on lemminx, wildweb and m2e but also
contributed a significant number of patches for platform. He work on some of
these patches in his free time because he wants to improve the user
experience in the IDE. He is interest in contributing to platform also after
his Redhat internship ends.

Please join me in welcoming Andrew.

~/git/eclipse.platform.ui$ git shortlog  --author "Andrew Obuchowicz"
       Bug 443717 - [Viewers] Add JFace snippet for a sorted TreeViewer
       Bug 488215 - Support varargs in the Viewer API
       Bug 443717 - [Viewers] Add JFace snippet for a sorted TreeViewer
Bug 549194 - Make Tab Traversals support looping to start of the Viewer
       Bug 549503 - [JFace] Fix the non-uniform outline around  ColorSelector
       Bug 548877 [Project Explorer] Rename resource should be inline
       Fix raw type warnings
       Clean up type warnings, remove unnecessary casts
       Bug 550560 - Rename dialog shown after inline editing
       Bug 558205 - Support lambdas for LabelProvider and ColumnLabelProvider
       Bug 558205 - Fix failing LabelProviderLamba Tests
       Bug 552662 - Find action should use Search style
       Bug 562221 - Add preference checkbox for using round tabs
       Bug 562221- Add restart hint to "use round tabs" preference checkbox
       Bug 497586 - Allow to define a selection highlighter for the selected

  ~/git/eclipse.platform.text$ git shortlog  --author "Andrew Obuchowicz"
       Bug 548060 - Improve positioning of widgets on Annotations page
       Bug 548057 Add color preview in "Appearance Color Options" table
       Bug 549502 - Add system default colors in Appearance Color Options
       Bug 548679 - Tooltips convert `&` into underline
       Bug 547733 - Hover layout issues with composite hover (eg LSP4E)
       Bug 549946 - [Generic Editor] Marker resolution link changes '&' into
mnemonic underline
       Bug 544448 - Add extension point for quickAssistantProcessors
       Bug 551922 - Allow QuickAssistAssistant to be reinvoked by default

~/git/eclipse.platform.debug$ git shortlog  --author "Andrew O"
Bug 548344 - Add inline editing support for environment variables table
       Bug 548520 - Add right-click context-menu for Java environment var tab
       Bug 548344 - Remove Tab Support for environment inline editing
       Bug 548520 - Change use of "New" to "Add" for Env Var Tab
       Bug 548869 - Tabbing in Environment Variable Table unusable
       Bug 548869 - Tabbing in Environment Variable Table unusable
       Bug 558403 - Use lambda API for LabelProvider
       Bug 558991 - Value column in Environment Variable table shows name

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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