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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Sheng Chen on Eclipse JDT Language Server has started

A committer election for Sheng Chen on project Eclipse JDT Language Server
( was started by Fred Bricon with this criteria:

Sheng Chen has been consistently contributing critical fixes and features to
the Eclipse JDT.LS project over the past year.
He has a rock solid track record of contributions, as can be see in his
commit history:

* - Expand the API
* - Update the root
path on workspace folder change event
* - Build workspace
action can report progress to client
* - Add APIs to get
classpaths and settings
* - Check the
location as well when loading bundles
* - Refresh the
bundles after uninstalling
* - Better expose
the 'Invert Condition' code action
* - Add text
selection support in code snippet
* - Support server
side snippet
* - Add unit test
* - Refresh with
one depth when calling JDTUtils.getFileOrFolder
* - Use the
CompilationUnitRewrite in upstream
* - Use sequence
rank to get the first element in position group
* - Get the first
postion according to the sequence rank
* - Support
refactoring: Convert anonymous class to nested
* - Add
org.eclipse.ant.core into the launch config
* - Load bundle
only once if the same bundle occurs multiple times in different locations
* - Migrate to
* - Fix the
compilation error in the test
* - Enable the
'invert local variable' fix
* - Enable the
'Invert conditions' fix
* - Use

It is my great pleasure to nominate Sheng Chen as an Eclipse JDT.LS

Eclipse JDT Language Server project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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