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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Yan Zhang on Eclipse JDT Language Server has started

A committer election for Yan Zhang on project Eclipse JDT Language Server
( was started by Fred Bricon with this criteria:

Yan Zhang, aka Eskibear, has been a very prolific contributor to the Eclipse
JDT.LS project, over the past year, with about 50 commits merged, as can be
seen from

* - highlight
QualifiedName together in packages
* - simplify code
with stream
* - diff
field/local variables
* - highlight type,
constructor and package
* - refine test
cases for adding more token types
* - clean
out-of-date fAST before updating new fActiveJavaElement
* - address
* - Support
semantic tokens
* - match
filterText with textEdit
* - fix launch
configs: use
* - Expose
proposals for 3rd-party extensions
* - Remove dup call
of getRawLocationURI
* - Change code
action 'Convert to static import' to refactor kind
* - add test cases
* - create issue
for malformed comparator
* - create new code
action kind QUICK_ASSIST
* - remove unused
* - Add back
'refactor' actions in quickAssistProcessor, before moving them to the right
* - Add license
* - add missing
'source' as default code action kinds
* - Only calculate
required CodeActions according to CodeActionKind
* - Upgrade wrapper
to use Maven 3.6.2
* - Make
* - Code Action:
create new type
* - Fix ChangeUtil
for TextEdit conversion
* - wait for
lifecycle jobs before calc semantic tokens
* - Sort each kind
of actions by relevance
* - Change
add-final-modifier action to 'refactor' kind
* - Call
corresponding code action processor according to base kind
* - Move refactor
actions from QuickAssistProcessor to RefactorProcessor
* - Retire
* - Change for-loop
conversion to 'refactor' kind
* - Change 'assign
constructor parameters' actions to 'quickassist' kind
* - Change var
conversion actions to 'refactor' kind
* - Change
lambda-anonymous class convertion code actions to 'refactor' kind
* - Fix target
range for quickfix:surround with try/multi-catch
* - Fix anonymous
declaration type completion
* - Refactor to
support ChangeCorrectionProposal
* - Refactor
ChangeUtil: universal API converting Change to WorkspaceEdit
* - Fix launch
configuartions for macosx

It is my great pleasure to nominate Yan Zhang as committer to the Eclipse
JDT.LS project. He's already proven time and again he's deeply committed to
the project, I look forward to seeing him as an official committer.

Eclipse JDT Language Server project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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