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Re: [eclipse-dev] Suggestion to move the XML editor to Eclipse platform?

On 09/20/2016 12:33 PM, Duft Markus wrote:

Not really taking part in the XML Editor discussion here, but please don’t underestimate the number of PDE users! There are quite a lot of companies building RCP applications.

Total amount of Neon packages downloaded so far: ~1.8 million
Eclipse Neon IDE for Eclipse Committers: 35530 downloads
Eclipse Neon for RCP/RAP developers: 9470 downloads
So currently, the PDE developers represent only 45000 people out of 1.8 millions in our community. That makes that Plugins/RCP developers count for 3% of all Eclipse users.

Then now, let's consider the whole IDE market. Every developer is a potential target for Eclipse IDE. This study estimates 29 millions developers worldwide, Eclipse IDE is estimated to get 8 millions users in best cases IIRC. So Eclipse IDE has 8/29 = 27% marketshare on the whole IDE market (that's even too good to be true, but let's keep optimistic numbers).

Finally, let's assume that Eclipse IDE captures 100% of the population of Eclipse Plugin and RCP developers. Fair, isn't it?

That make that the population of RCP dev represents:
3% (of Eclipse community) * 24% (of proportion of Eclipse users compared to the whole developer population) = 0.72% of the whole developer population.

We should make choices aimed at improving comfort of only 0.72% of our target.
Mickael Istria
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