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Re: [eclipse-dev] Suggestion to move the XML editor to Eclipse platform?

On 09/20/2016 11:37 AM, Carsten Reckord wrote:
IMHO the goal should be (2), for two reasons:
1) Consistency: Get rid of all the differently looking and behaving XML editors that we currently have (Ant, Maven, plugin.xml, categories.xml, *.product, ...)
The pom.xml editor relies on WTP XML editor and is consistent with other XML/HTML editors. So in this list, the "alien" ones would be:
* Ant, which is not very worth the effort at the moment as we can consider it as dead
* PDE ones, which are targetting Eclipse plugin developers, which are far from being the regular Eclipse end-user and which are far from being a big part of the user base.
Most projects out of Platform doing XML have standardized on top of the WTP SSE XML editor, and there is consistency.

IMO, the issue of factorizing all XML editors is overrated and wouldn't bring much value to end-users. It would only provide value to people doing Ant or Plugins, that's probably something like 0.5% of the Desktop IDEs user-space nowadays.

2) Extensibility: Provide a good base XML editor that can easily be extended for new adaptors to build on (this is probably farther away, as I imagine it would require refactoring the existing XML editor on top of the new extensible editor)
The WTP SSE XML Editor is already pretty extensible.

To me, all this topic about XML is not worth the (huge) effort right now if the goal is to please end-users. The current state isn't that bad, and if things have to change, contributing in WTP is still doable.
Mickael Istria
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