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Re: [eclipse-dev] Suggestion to move the XML editor to Eclipse platform?

> What's the goal here?
> (1) ensure every Eclipse installation has a good XML editor?
> (2) allow all plug-ins, even in the platform, to build specialized editors
> on top of a shared XML editor?
> I'm asking, because the former sounds more like a packaging issue, not
> requiring to move any code
> from one project to another.
> Even for (2) isn't it possible to embed whatever XML editor you have
> installed into any multi-page editor?
> IOW can/could PDE's plugin.xml editor have a page that would leverage
> WTP's XML editor *if* that is installed?
> I might be daydreaming here ...

IMHO the goal should be (2), for two reasons:

1) Consistency: Get rid of all the differently looking and behaving XML editors that we currently have (Ant, Maven, plugin.xml, categories.xml, *.product, ...)

2) Extensibility: Provide a good base XML editor that can easily be extended for new adaptors to build on (this is probably farther away, as I imagine it would require refactoring the existing XML editor on top of the new extensible editor)

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