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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse + Java 8 : Release candidate 2 available.

With 50+ defect fixes and enhancements since RC1, "Release Candidate 2" of
Eclipse with Java 8 support is available.
Tickets closed since RC1 can be seen here:

What is new in this release ?

Apart from various defect fixes in the compiler, IDE support has
also been beefed up in this release:

    - Search for references/declarations now finds functional interface types.
    - Type hierarchy views/operations will now include lambda expressions
    - Improved hover/code navigation support,
    - Code completion support for method references,
    - Java model/element representation & API support for lambda expressions
    - Fixes and improvements in the anonymous class to lambda migration capability.

and much more.

The alpha test early access program that started on Oct 21st 2013 and the
beta test program that started Feb 1st 2014 have elicited active engagement
from the user community, with well over 100 defects being reported by users.
All but 6 of them are resolved already - Most of the deferred ones have work

We thank the user community for the excellent support extended to us and request
continued testing in the next week and half leading to the GA release.  
Update site details and installation instructions available here:

For those in a hurry, here is the link to the new update site:
Happy testing.
Srikanth - for the Eclipse Team.

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