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[eclipse-dev] Last and final boarding call for compiler issues.

All planned items are complete for Java 8 Compiler + APT + broader JDT/Core.

Scanning the list of deferred items, I see only 2 user reported defects (out of 100+ reports we got
in 140+ days of combined alpha and beta testing - Thanks !) that have not been fully solved - both
have work arounds.

Do update to the latest bits tomorrow and in case of any problems speak up or forever hold your
peace - well not may be forever, until GA is good enough ;-)

Recent regressions if any and critical ship stopper problems will still be considered, but we think
we are done in these components and ready to take off.

Yes, we know of Mr Murphy and have had the pleasure of his delightful acquaintance in the past.

Update site details and installation instructions available here:

For those in a hurry, here is the link to the new update site:

Srikanth - for Eclipse team.

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