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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Unix groups

I am investigating consolidating the Unix permission groups used by the Eclipse project's CVS repository. The goal is to conform to the Eclipse foundation's standard ACL conventions and official development process, and to avoid unnecessarily fine-grained permissions. As a point of reference, we currently have about 75 active ACL's used by the Eclipse project, with less than 75 active committers. This causes headaches for the committers, PMC, and Foundation staff whenever changes are needed to committer permissions. Some projects at Eclipse only have a single Unix group for the entire project, but I'm trying to find a middle ground where everyone is comfortable with the set of committers who can modify their component, but each component has enough active committers that it can operate successfully. Can committers, and particularly component/sub-project leads, take a quick look at the proposed new structure and let me know what you think:


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