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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - September 1, 2010

A reminder that McQ is back from holidays soon so please send next week's status to him.


- full day test pass against 3.6.1 RC2:
- no regressions found
- no further fixes planned at this point
- Call Hierarchy: 'Expand with Constructors' now auto-expands single constructor
- continued to work on allowing any Java element selection as input for Type Hierarchy view
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text
- full day test pass against 3.6.1 RC2:
- no regressions found
- no further fixes planned at this point
- allow spelling dictionaries without country in locale

JDT Debug
- finishing work on 'Open from Clipboard' command (ETA this week)

- Discovered regression in external tool launcher to be addressed in 3.6.1 RC3 (323953)
- Verified 3.6.1 fixes

- Continued work on support for include lists in all API tools ant tasks (270973)
- 3.6.1 test pass & verification - no more fixes planned
- Bug fixing

- 3.6.1 looks good, latest RC2 build passed all JDT/Core tests.
- one last backport for a problem in the formatter. No more changes planned.
- No performance issues as verified by Frederic.
- 3.6.1 verification pass went fine. One defect had to reopened, but that is
an "add a test" defect and the code change has been manually verified.
- 3.7 HEAD - No known major issues.

- 3.6.1RC2 testing went generally well
- one fix submitted for 3.6.1RC3: 323995 - [Accessibility] StyledText selection incorrect after caret moved event
- 3.7 planning wrapping up
- 3.7 bug fixing, including: 323763 - Eclipse 3.7 M1 crashes as it is starting up

User Assistance
- Webapp security patches applied to 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 maintenance streams
- Indicator added to show when a help filter is applied
- Working on improving search hit ranking

- M2 bug fixes
- OSGi R4.3 framework implementation work
- 3.7 planning

- 3.6
 - M20100827-0800: nothing new

- 3.7
  - Results for old 1.5 machines are back to normal
 - I20100824-1210: invalid results

  - N20100828-2000: nothing new
  - I20100831-1001: nothing new

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