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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August 25, 2010

- Investigation for launching deadlock (bug 309781)
- findings are in the bug report, but conclusion is that user can proceed by canceling save operation
- Investigating support for non-default endorsed directories on build path (bug 308953)
- 3.6.1 fixes complete

- Released performance enhancements to p2-based target definitions (bug 276326)
- avoid accessing remote repositories when target content cached in local p2 profile
- Investigating support for include lists on API Tools ant tasks (bug 270973)
- 3.6.1 fixes complete

- Investigated source compatibility problem, suggested work around (bug 321453)

- Defect fixes for 3.7 M2, 3.6.1
- Inbox tracking, triaging, newsgroups.
- vacations.

- started to work on allowing any Java element selection as input for Type Hierarchy view
- investigated performance regressions on 1.5
==> caused by wrong setup on performance machines
- fixed remaining 3.6.1 bugs (none in the queue at this point)

Platform Text and JDT Text
- added 'Open With' to textual editor context menu
- Find/Replace dialog improvements:
- allow to reverse the Find/Replace search via 'Shift' modifier
- keep focus in the current Find/Replace widget when hitting Enter or mnemonic
- fixed remaining 3.6.1 bugs (none in the queue at this point)

JDT Debug
- continued work on 'Open from Clipboard' command

- no more 3.6.1 fixes currently planned
- 3.7 planning
- 3.7 bug fixing

-back from 2 weeks vacation
-read a lot of email
-changed 3.7 stream performance baselines to run on 1.6 VMs only
-bug fixing

Platform Workspace
- finalizing 3.6.1 work, no more 3.6.1 issues left
- Szymon is back from vacation

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