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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 10, 2010

 Discussion Topic

- new Eclipse logo:
  - is there going to be one? If so when does it show up and what
    components are affected?
  - (See:


- added support for source and Javadoc attachments to referenced JARs
- added API in JUnitCore (path constants for JUnit library container)
- added API in RefactoringWizardOpenOperation/RefactoringWizard to use
  a specified IRunnableContext
- added 'Move type to new file' refactoring (used to be 'Convert member
  type to top level', but now also works for secondary types)
- EclipseCon preparation
- bug fixing
- vacation

- 3.6 M6 testing, new & noteworthy
- investigating performance problem with deep stack and transient
  threads (304277)
- bug fixing

- 3.6 M6 testing, new & noteworthy
- keeping up with p2 API changes
- continued polish on feature based launch
- support to manage target platform contents with features
- support to add/search for packages/bundles to add to target platform
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- Eclipsecon preparation
- bug fixes/triage
- 3.6M6 verification
- finalize new features in the code formatter
- completed support for referenced classpath entries

User Assistance:
- API added for criteriaProducer extension point
- API is now complete for UA
- bug fixing and testing

- accessibility work continues, API finalized
- Jump List API finalized
- Browser Traverse events revisited:
  -> new traverse(...) API on Control allows custom controls to
     send complete and potentially customized Traverse events
- CSS engine handler for jar loading,  e4 renderer shipped as part
  of the e4 M4
- working on bug 46025: Toolbar does not support WRAP style (GTK)
- other various bug fixes

- 3.6 perf tests:
  - no results in DB since I20100305-1011 build
    (see bug
  - builds verification:
    - N20100304-2130: nothing new
    - I20100305-1011: nothing new

- polishing and fixing Applying Patch in Sync View
  [all major work done]
- Bug 301563 - Fast project import from snapshot data
  [API and impl released]
- Bug 303751 - Need a UI for fast project import from snapshot data
  [in progress]
- API review
- for other items, see the plan:


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