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Eclipse Platform Workspace 3.6 Development Plan

Eclipse Platform Workspace 3.6 Development Plan

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Eclipse Project 3.6 Plan items that affect Platform Workspace

See Eclipse Project 3.6 Plan
  • None of Eclipse 3.6 plan items affects the current plan.

Overall Platform Workspace 3.6 Plan

The overall themes for this release are detailed below (Note, at this point, these are just items that we could potentially address):

  • Adopt new menu/commands (196349): The new menu/commands story has been evolving over the last few releases and should be in a state in 3.5 that will allow the Team, Compare and CVS plug-ins to adopt the support.

3.6 Development Effort

The extensive list of candidates for the 3.6 cycle is available here.

item is under investigation planned
item is under development extended
item is finished shortened
new deffered or moved
< or > moved or deferred
postponed to another release
Task description M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 3.5
Content Type (Performance and Bug Fixing)
[Content Type] ContentTypeCatalog causes deadlock (regression from 269158) (Bug 283163) finished finished
[Content Type] ContentTypeMatcher does too much work (Bug 182337) under development finished
[Content Type] Enhance scalability of ContentType description process (Bug 290431) > >
Builder Framework
Huge regression on BuilderPerformanceTest#testManualBuildWithAutobuildOn() test (Bug 276319) finished finished
Flexible Resources
Merge e4 resources changes back into 3.x stream (Bug 284148) under development under development under development finished
Support physical nesting of projects (Bug 245412) > > > > >
Merge e4 Project Path Variable back into the 3.6 stream (Bug 298835) finished
Other Resources
[Linked Resources] If .project file edit fails, linked resource shows up anyway under certain conditions (Bug 264182) finished
IResource#move(..) and #delete(..) fail on locked files on the Mac (Bug 254444) > under development under development
LocalFile#move fails when a link with nonexistent target is moved (Bug 289637)
Symbolic link support doesn't work on the Mac (Bug 290201)
Symbolic link support doesn't work on the AIX (Bug 293185)
LocalFileNatives.internalSetFileInfo only sets exec bit for owner (Bug 259643)
core.filesystem natives incorrectly determine file type (Bug 296471)
Provide finer grained file permissions access (Bug 297228)
Workspace's ElementTree object holding 500MB in large workspace (Bug 245008) NOT SCHEDULED YET [OPTIONAL]
[Build] Builder should be able to specify scheduling rule (Bug 198591) NOT SCHEDULED YET [OPTIONAL]
History and History View Improvements
[History View] CVS Resource History shows revisions from all branches (Bug 76386) >
[History] Allow to never prune history (Bug 274262)
Java Compare Improvements
[compare] auto-indent not working as expected (Bug 260531) >
Create and Apply Patch
[Apply Patch] Add URL option Apply Patch dialog (Bug 73683)
Use Synchronize View for Apply Patch (Bug 236169) under development > under development under development
[Sync View][Apply patch] Merge changes from dev branch back to HEAD (Bug 298923)
[Sync View][Apply Patch] Fix all major issues related to compare editor opened for Apply Patch synchronization (Bug 300222)
[Sync View][Apply Patch] Polishing Apply Patch in Sync View (Bug 300345) under development under development
CVS Support Improvements
CVS Commit Files dialog should support Logical Model (Bug 124039) finished <
CVS Repository view support for Logical Model (Bug 271137)
Enhanced global pattern capability (Bug 279111) <
[Change Sets] Support drag'n'drop with items into outgoing change sets (Bug 111936)
Branch creation problem in CVS (Bug 263702) finished finished
[Net] Provide a way for clients to authenticate with NTLM scheme (Bug 269832) WONTFIX
[Net] Eclipse Galileo crashes under Japanese version of Windows XP (Bug 281348)
[Net] Should be impossible to edit native proxy setting by double-clicking the entry (Bug 281628)
Team Framework Improvements
Import PSF from URL (Bug 162608) >
[Sync View] "Link with Editor" for Synchronize view (Bug 219570)

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