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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 24, 2010


- fixed problems with order and grouping of import declarations
- fixed wrong wording when changing Java output folder
- added UI for new code formatter options (new line after label,
  line wrapping of annotation arguments, newlines at comment
- working with JDT Core on APIs for referenced JARs (Class-Path
  attribute in manifest)
- continued to work on command that invokes hyperlinking
- continued to work on command to open the vertical ruler hover
- continued to work on refactoring to move secondary type to new file
- patch reviews
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- committed patch that improves Word Completion performance
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

- bug fixing:
  - deadlock (302835)
  - no more handles (309140)
  - debugger dies (285130)
  - and more...

- continued design discussion for including team project references
  in bundle manifests (243582)
- feature based target definitions in progress (284882)
- feature based launch available (284885), polish in progress
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- bug fixes/triage
- add new formatter options for splitting method declaration,
  annotations, new line after label and condensed comments
- add support to get bindings for DOM/AST trees outside of the
  Eclipse environment
- fix a bug to expose non-visible bindings. This improves the user
  experience in the debugger for evaluating expressions on non-visible
- fix some compiler issues around generics
- working on eclipsecon presentations

User Assistance:
- Testing of UI for criteria and filters
- Much time spent investigating strange regression in test to
  start server

Platform Workspace:
- polishing and fixing Applying Patch in Sync View
- Bug 301563 - Fast project import from snapshot data [in progress]
- working on SFS in e4:
  - see
    for some useful details
- Bug 292831 - Compare files claims that identical lines are
  different [in progress]
- Bug 300086 - [efs] FileSystemResourceManager makes second call to
  efs provider on exception due to cancel [fixed]
- Fast project
  import from snapshot:
 - agreement on API that's sufficient for 3rd parties in
   domain-specific wizards
 - UI is harder, to make it generally usable but still non-intrusive
 - continuing the UI discussion on a new bug since that's not tied
   to the API freeze:
 - need to find a good way for testing the API while the UI is not
   yet done
- for other items, see the plan:

- accessibility work continues
- working on e4 renderer for CTabFolder
- working on exposing Jump List (Windows 7) / doc tile menu (OS X)
- bug fixes, inbox triage, newsgroups

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