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Re: [eclipse-dev] Pivot/Eclipse

Hi Simon,

> If I'm understanding you correctly, you're suggesting pivot might provide us with a way to take an existing RCP application and run it in an applet.

Yes, that is part of what I am suggesting. The proposed "SWT plugin" would allow you to do that.

> I think it also might be really cool if we could render individual Eclipse views and editors. 

Can you elaborate on this a bit? Do you mean that you would like the ability to use Pivot components to create Eclipse views and editors, or something else?

> Are you saying that in order to do this pivot would work on something along the lines of an SWT binding?

We'd need to rewrite our component skins to paint using an instance of rather than java.awt.Graphics2D. Since the underlying graphics calls are similar, this would be pretty straightforward. However, it does represent a measurable level of effort, since we have a large number of components, quite a few of which are fairly complex. So, we wouldn't want to start down this path without sufficient interest.


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