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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 3, 2010

[ Apologies for being late getting this out today... ]


- shipped 3.6 M5
- bug fixes regarding Copy/Paste in the Package Explorer
- continued work on improving the ImportRewrite context
- started to work on command that invokes hyperlinking (Ctrl+Click)
- started to work on command to open the vertical ruler hover (accessibility)
- inbox tracking

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- shipped 3.6 M5
- reviewing contribution that improves Word Completion performance
- inbox tracking

- M5 test pass
- M6 planning
- compatibility fixes

- M5 test pass
- M6 planning
- working on:
  - performance improvements for API tools incremental build (299968)
  - feature based launch
- compatibility fixes

JDT Core:
- 3.6M5 verification
- investigating new APIs around chained jars
- completed code generation for type annotations (branch JSR_308)
- started to work on DOM/AST conversion for type annotations
- new committer: Welcome Jay!
- updated plan for M6

User Assistance:
- started to commit changes for filtering and criteria
- extension point to define filter is committed
- filtering is enabled in infocenter via parameter in URL
- planning to add UI for criteria by end of next week

Rel. Eng.:
- removed wpf zips from build. Build is now 300MB lighter.
- fixed build problems with p2 installer and agent
- new EclipseCon splash released in 3.6 stream
- 3.6M5 released and submitted to Helios build
- 3.5.2 test pass
- eclipsecon preparation

Platform UI:
- M5 milestone week
- back to working on e4

Platform Workspace:
- bug 298923 - Changes from a dev branch for Applying Patch in Sync
  View merged to HEAD [fixed]
- polishing and fixing Applying Patch in Sync View
- working on remaining Flexible Resources issues (both UI and core)
- bug 300502 - working on UI for the extended set of file permission attributes
  [in progress, should be ready in M6]
- bug 292197 - Extension of Eclipse Resource Management to work with REST
  repositories [Ed made initial check-in to the e4 repo]
- bug 292831 - Compare files claims that identical lines are different
- bug 300086 - [efs] FileSystemResourceManager makes second call to efs provider
  on exception due to cancel
- investigating bug 246565 - Need a way to open a project without refreshing
- for other items, see the plan:

- 3.6M5 week went well
- one fix submitted for 3.5.2RC3:
  - tracker contains a println()
- Accessibility work continues, currently focused on tables
- working on Browser Traverse events

- 3.5 perf tests:
  - M20100113-0800: nothing new
  - M20100120-0800: nothing new
- 3.6 perf tests:
  - still some problems with baseline results (see bug
  - results are no longer automatically generated (see bug
  - verification for last 3 weeks builds:
    - I20100115-1100: nothing new
    - I20100119-0800: nothing new
    - I20100124-2000: nothing new
    - I20100126-0100: nothing new
    - I20100126-0800: nothing new
    - I20100128-1731: nothing new
    - I20100129-1300 (3.6M5): nothing new
    - N20100130-2000: nothing new
    - I20100202-0800: nothing new

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