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[eclipse-dev] Helios Ubuntu support plan

My reading of
is that the table author, if not the developers, believe that Ubuntu
9.04 is an Ubuntu Long Term Support release.  It is not. I hope that
the table contains
a typographical error and that the actual target is Ubuntu 10.4,
which \is/ an LTS release, scheduled for April 2010 and surely
suitable currently for eclipse 3.6 initial testing soon or even now.

Support for Ubuntu 9.04 ends in October 2010, and it would be
particularly regrettable if Ubuntu 9.04  is the Helios target.

Bob Morris

Robert A. Morris
Professor of Computer Science (nominally retired)
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125-3390
Associate, Harvard University Herbaria
email: ram@xxxxxxxxxx
phone (+1)617 287 6466

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