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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 25, 2009

> how does it work for the executable and other root files?
They are IUs and artifacts in the repository, like they are today in the repository from which you provision the SDK (e.g.

> repo zip that has all platforms in it right?


> In the runnable form, where are all the launchers for the various platforms?  
> the one for the current target environment and use that to launch? Is
> this done by the target wizard?  Inquiring minds want to know.

In the old styles dl, the launchers were in the "regular place" at the root and thus collided with each others, which caused the introduction of the special launcher features that contained the launchers in a special format.
With the new story the launchers are staying in the repo in their artifact format because they are not needed to develop and selfhost.

> Also, how does this relate to the Delta pack?  The delta pack has a mess
> of other non RCP stuff in it but other than that, can RCP developers now
> stop using the delta pack?

> deltapack to *also* have repo content.  This direction feels more like
> removing the existing form and putting in only the repo form (in the
> case of the proposed RCP zip)

The delta pack contains all the platform specific things for the RCP and the Platform, etc.
Going forward we want the repos to contain all the platform specific pieces that relate to the content/intent of the repo (e.g. the RCP repo would contain all the platform specific things as well as the non platform specific ones). We may also need to create a p2 repo for the platform

> BTW, whatever we do here, we should do for the equinox downloads.
Make sure to open a bug report against platform > releng


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