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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 25, 2009

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

> The RCP zip is actually useful as the base for people's development.
> If we ship it as a p2 repo then it is not directly usable as a
> target platform element.  We might consider retaining this as
> separate zips (perhaps with p2 repos inside *as well*).
Your statement is misleading.

Perhaps wrong or incorrect but not misleading :-)

The repos can still be used as a base for people's development in the target platform. The only change is the workflow by which the target platform is setup: instead of unzipping you use the target platform management wizard (Preferences > PDE)

how does it work for the executable and other root files? You have one repo zip that has all platforms in it right? In the runnable form, where are all the launchers for the various platforms? Does PDE find the one for the current target environment and use that to launch? Is this done by the target wizard? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, how does this relate to the Delta pack? The delta pack has a mess of other non RCP stuff in it but other than that, can RCP developers now stop using the delta pack? I know we talked about updating the deltapack to *also* have repo content. This direction feels more like removing the existing form and putting in only the repo form (in the case of the proposed RCP zip)

BTW, whatever we do here, we should do for the equinox downloads.


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