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Fw: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

This addresses the immediate solution of top level context menu clutter.  Just trying to "stop the abuse" <g>, that is all.

Why such a small change?  For one because its RC1.

For another, while there have been much more clever ideas discussed over the years, the more elaborate they get the harder it gets to get agreement and put them into action.  I believe we still have a fundamental hole in our story around project "type", the workflow to add/remove, and the way its persented to the user.  Because of this, looking forward, I believe e4 is the right place to solve it.

Yours in UIs,

PS.  While the menu bar Project menu was also discussed in this eclipse-dev thread as a possible home for these operations, some had expressed concern that nobody looks in that menu.  We too were concerned.  Similar for the Properties page.  This proposal seems the smallest delta from what people are doing now to what would address the immediate problem of clutter.  By going with the smallest delta, we increase the chance that existing plugins would adopt the change.

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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse
[Contributions] Provide a project configure context menu

One possibility is that we provide a Configure submenu in the context
menu.  It would be available when the selection was an open project.

Please comment on the bug.  This is simply providing a "convention" to
help clear up the clutter in this particular case.


Paul Webster
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