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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse

Hi All,


Action Contributions is a powerful thing, but we should not abuse it.  We hear people complaining about the difficulty of navigating the view as it is!

Mike K.

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> Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 09:55:49 +0200
> From: "Max Rydahl Andersen" <max.andersen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [eclipse-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse
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> Hi,
> I just opened and against
WebTools and Dali.
> It is about them adding "project enablement" menu items to the context menu. This should be banned by law! :)
> I know it is late in the game, but I honestly believe it is important we try and stop the "random adding" to the context menu.
> In JBoss Tools we have done these things by instead putting them under Properties but I realize that just moves the issue to the > > > profileration of project properties.
> So I actually did not have a better suggestion until today where I realized that Eclipse has this nice "Project" menu which fits > perfectly for these kind of operations and we actually already have "Convert to a dynamic web project..." in there.
> I suggest that we push for getting such "project enablement" items moved to that menu instead and maybe even create a "Enable >" sub menu under it.
> WDYT ? If this is the wrong list to push this then please let me know where else to push to get this into Eclipse 3.4 and not wait another year... ;)
> /max

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