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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse 3.4 shape

Just to give some context: the installer works by pulling down contents from a p2 repository (essentially an update site plus some extra p2 metadata). A problem we have had with maintaining the installer for I-builds is maintaining a stable repository. I.e., once in awhile the repository is cleared out when it gets too big, and sometimes when a build fails it is left in a bad state. This currently means you often can't get an old I-build using the installer. Also, this repository doesn't currently have public mirrors. I think the only consequence of making the installer more prominent is ensuring this repository infrastructure is in place... adequate mirroring, only pushing green builds to the stable repository, archival of old builds, etc. For the final release this is relatively easy: the repository will be the Ganymede update site which will be stable and widely mirrored.

Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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04/18/2008 09:33 AM

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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 3.4 shape

Since 3.4 M6, the eclipse SDK can be obtained using a p2-based installer (

We need to decide if this is a delivery format that we want to promote for
3.4 by making it more prominently available from our download page, but we
also need to understand the consequences of such a choice on the greater
Eclipse community. The two questions that come to mind are:
     - Is the installer something that would be put on the Eclipse main
download page ( in addition of the zip?
     - If we answer yes to the previous question, does it mean that an
installer has to be provided for the other EPP packages, do we have time
for it or can we leave with an inconsistency there?

Thx for your feedback,


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