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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 23, 2008


 - research for bug 222735
 - minor project cleanup
 - inbox, newsgroups, Bugzilla
 - an unusually busy week in my "non-Eclipse life", so the Eclipse work
   suffered :-(

- report of changes since API freeze now included in the build:
  - PMC approved changes must be listed in
- support for compiling runtime workspace plug-ins against the launching
  workspace's plugins:
  - leverages external class file folder support from JDT/Core
  - bug 109137 -- opened in 2005, has 35 votes!
  - community effort including a guest appearance from Wassim
- content assist for 'identifier' attributes in plug-in XML editor
- performance analysis/tuning in API tooling
- working on creation of p2 metadata during update site build and product
- target provisioning support for p2 repositories in target platform
  preference page
- PDE has two approved Google Summer of Code projects (ds tooling,
  equinox transformations tooling)
- product editor enhancements (per platform config.ini's, version numbers)
- bug fixing & triage

Rel. Eng.:
- released M6a plugins to builder
- integrated PDE API tooling in builder:
  - link to comparison with M6a on test results page
- upgraded to latest stable Orbit I-build
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- released support for zip archives that don't have a .zip or .jar
- fixed bug in auto-detection of root paths when attaching source in
  an external folder
- planning on enabling new comment formatter by default by the end of
  the week
- improving user experience for code completion in 1.5 code
- chasing timing issue in JDT/Core tests
- bug fixing
- vacation

- BIDI: rendering of paths and Java elements
- source attachment for JUnit 4 container works again
- improved JAR selection dialogs to allow archives of other file
- finished flagging of binary references in refactorings
- investigated performance regression in JUnit view (colored label
- UI review for Secure Storage
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- performance investigations
- changed spelling for text editors to use incremental reconciler
  (much faster)
- finished parameter guessing based on new jdt.core API
- working on focusable & scrollable annotation hovers and content
  assist additional info
- improved BIDI rendering in Java editor
- inbox tracking
- bug fixing

- previous/next page command hooked up in console
- bug fixing & triage

Platform UI:
- menu contribution bugfixes
- part lifecycle bugfixes
- investigated bug with wrong font in high contrast mode
- bidi and accessibility bug fixing

User Assistance:
- fixed a few accessibility bugs in help
- Adam fixed a couple of forms bugs
- reduced the heap used by the keyword index by 30%
- working on problems with Welcome in right to left languages

- secure storage: polish and fixes
- Jetty6 based HTTP service added to Equinox (Note: not SDK)
- bug fixing
- bug triage

- inbox tracking
- M7 bug fixing
- fixing API usage problems
- bug 224588 - Provide an information how many lines does the patch
  change (fixed)
- Bug 214796 - [Proxy] bundle should not require
  org.eclipse.core.runtime (fixed)
- fixing system support for proxy settings

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