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Re: [eclipse-dev] Best practices for provisional APIs

Pascal Rapicault schrieb:
> - the package name. should the API be in the package where it would
> belong if it was real API, or should it be in an internal package?

It should have ".internal." in the package name. It doesn't make sense
if you found public API where the JavaDoc says: "Hey don't use me! I
*may* chance". If it's internal then people know that it *will* chance
and they are prepared for some refactoring work.

> - the javadoc markup. should the javadoc say: experimental, provisional,
> something else?

IMHO it would be a great plus to have a link to the bug entry in the
JavaDoc. This would make it easier for early adopters to subscribe to
the bug report and watch for changes. Of course, it would be really cool
if the bug report would contain recorded refactorings that we can take
and re-apply in our workspaces.

Cu, Gunnar

Gunnar Wagenknecht

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