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Re: [eclipse-dev] Questions on Installing Plugins / Featuers - Expert advise wanted


Before I answer, just to note that I replied to eclipse-dev and
platform-update-dev. Since this is mostly an update question, it is best
discussed in Update mailing list. Please post your replies there only.

If your product should assume its own personality i.e. should take over the
splash screen, 'About' dialog etc., you would be better off using some
native method of installation. Eclipse Update Manager cannot be used to
install an Eclipse product initially (the classic bootstrapping problem
because Update Manager is itself an Eclipse plug-in and must have a running
Eclipse to function). You can still use features because that will allow
you to use Eclipse Update to search for new versions of your features.

However, if you want to develop your code as feature(s) that can be
installed into an existing Eclipse-based product, you can use Eclipse
Update for that. You will simply package your product on an Eclipse update
site and users will connect to it, select your feature for install and let
Update do the rest. Once they install them for the first time, subsequent
updates can be delivered by Eclipse Update as in the native installer case

When I say 'native', I simply mean any non-Eclipse program that will copy
Eclipse files, plug-ins and features into the desired location. As far as
Eclipse Update is concerned, unzipping a zip file containing an entire
Eclipse-based product is as 'native' as using a sophisticated resident OS
installer. Anything that makes files 'appear' in the specified location in
the file system without our help is 'native'.


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Manager, Eclipse Platform Components
IBM Canada Ltd.
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Fax. 905 413-4854

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Hi All,

My company has decided to use eclipse for our Linux based tools. Our
product teams are developing the plugins and features and I am supposed to
write a install program that installs the products and plugins so that when
the end user invokes eclipse, he/she is able to use our products through
eclipse GUI.

My question is related with how to install plugins/features during the
install process? How many different ways exist to do that?

I have done some homework on this, read few IBM articles and also looked
into various books. I was able to find two ways of doing that:
(Method# 1) Use update manager.
(Method# 2) Create appropriate links in the folder
/path/to/eclipse-install-location/eclipse/plugins to the location of
product specific plugins (

Couple of questions:
(1) Since we will be creating both plugins and features( i.e. our plugins
wont be unmanaged plugins), is approach mentioned in method# 2 going to
work? Are there any disadvantages of using method# 2?
(2) Can someone tell me what are other ways of installing managed
plugins(/features) ?
(3) Can I invoke update manager using bash script to install our plugins
and features? Our installation script is written in bash. How do I go about
doing that if this can be done?

Pls help.

Thanks in Advance,

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