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[eclipse-dev] Questions on Installing Plugins / Featuers - Expert advise wanted

Hi All,

My company has decided to use eclipse for our Linux based tools. Our product teams are developing the plugins and features and I am supposed to write a install program that installs the products and plugins so that when the end user invokes eclipse, he/she is able to use our products through eclipse GUI.
My question is related with how to install plugins/features during the install process? How many different ways exist to do that?
I have done some homework on this, read few IBM articles and also looked into various books. I was able to find two ways of doing that:
(Method# 1) Use update manager.
(Method# 2) Create appropriate links in the folder /path/to/eclipse-install-location/eclipse/plugins to the location of product specific plugins ( /opt/companyname/productname/bi/
Couple of questions:
(1) Since we will be creating both plugins and features( i.e. our plugins wont be unmanaged plugins), is approach mentioned in method# 2 going to work? Are there any disadvantages of using method# 2?
(2) Can someone tell me what are other ways of installing managed plugins(/features) ?
(3) Can I invoke update manager using bash script to install our plugins and features? Our installation script is written in bash. How do I go about doing that if this can be done?
Pls help.
Thanks in Advance,

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