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[eclipse-dev] How to detrmine the version of eclipse, cdt, jdt from bash script.

Hi All,

I am new to the field and hence couple of basic questions which I think some
of you will be able to answer easily. I apologise if these are not the right
forums to ask the questions and will appreciate if someone points me to the
correct forum/ mailing list.

Here are my questions:

(1) Can an eclipse user have both GTK and Motif on his machine.
(2) From a bash do i determine whether a user has gtk ot motif
on his machine?
(3) From a bash script how do I detrmine what version/release of GTK or
motif a user is using if he/she has not used RPMs to install GTK/Motif.
(4) From a bash script how do I determine the version of CDT, SWT and JDT?

I was unable to get the version using the -v, -V, --version, -version
options. Can someone please help. I RTFM but did not find anything about it.


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