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Re: [eclipse-dev] Install/Update API


You can create a feature for your tools and provide an install handler and one or more data archives that will be installed by your custom handler.
A user will use the update manager to download and install the feature, but during install, update manager will call you install handler to perform any custom actions you want. In particular, the install handler code can do whatever it wants with the data archives packaged along with the feature, including installing them anywhere on the disk. Also, you may want to sign your features so users can decide whether they trust it or not.
Take a look at


Phillip Shoemaker <pshoemaker@xxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

11/05/2003 12:04 AM

Please respond to

Re: [eclipse-dev] Install/Update API


I have a question about the extensibility of the update mechanism
within Eclipse. I would like to extend the Eclipse mechanism to allow
me to install not only Eclipse plug-ins and features, but also
standalone tools, installed in a directory outside of the //eclipse

Is this something that we can do using the Eclipse install/update
mechanism? Perhaps there are plug-ins that we can do specifically
within Install and Update?

Thanks in advance for your help.


On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 01:24 PM, Dejan Glozic wrote:

> Poll:
> The Eclipse Install/Update team would like to know of any and all cases
> where the current (2.1) Update API is used. Note that we are only
> interested in programmatic uses (i.e. referencing any of the
> non-internal
> classes in org.eclipse.update.core plug-in) and not actually using
> features
> and/or update sites.
> Please send your answers to platform-update-dev mailing list only.
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