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[eclipse-dev] GUI Design Consideration ...


I am writing an SQL toolset for Eclipse that can be used as a "Database"
perscpective while working in a Java Project.  I have a stand-alone product
that accepts a login, has a text command window, an output table, and a
message window.  I also have a syntax-highlited editor for PL/SQL work.  My
goal is to create an environment similar to this or Toad in Eclipse.  This
said, I am asking the community of Eclipse developers for suggestions on the
JDBC driver setup, and the login process (Scenario design).

First, should the JARs or JDBC drivers be added as an addition to the
Preferences overall in the Java section or should they just be added using
eclipse in the libraries tab?  These drivers will not be part of the Java
project.  The sql work will just be an area where the Java developer can run
queries for info and look at database schema.  I can add the JARs
dynamically at runtime somehow.  I am looking for guidance as to how
"Eclipse" would do it.

And, then does anyone have suggestion as to how the login would occur (again
the Eclipse way or scenario) prior to highlighting SQL in my plugin editor
for running the SQL against a database.

Thanks for any design suggestions,


Senior Web Developer - SkyCare Project


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