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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - August 13, 2003


- bug fixing
- reduced memory consumption of type constraints (affects
  ExtractInterfaceRefactroing and UseSupertype)
- started with new code formatter integration
- Java family:
  - continued work on text edit infrastructure:
    - recoded self encapsulate field and move static members
      to use AST rewrite.
    - worked on API clean-up

- support to use enclosing project as search scope.

Rel Eng:
- documenting new build scripts for Eclipse.
  - Draft of instructions on how to run a build available here:
  - till in proceess of testing and fine tuning these instructions.
- porting new PDE Build mechanism to build non Eclipse components, ie GEF, WSWB
- fixing NL fragment generation tool

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- generalized "Go to Error" to user customizable "Go to Annotation" in Java Editor:
  - prepared to be moved to the platform
- reimplemented Java editor handling of annotations based on the platform mechanisms
- implemented and released multi-partitioning documents
- continued work on Javadoc formatting
- continued work on share file buffers:
  - will be part of the next integration build

  - involved the core team to help with the User Settings plan item since all the
    API will live in the runtime and resources plugins.
  - Michael and DJ will be working together on this plan item.
- Concurrency:
  - using new granular resource locking to fix an old lock ordering issue in the CVS plugin
  - continued work on making the CVS client classes thread safe. This includes not allowing
    logins to be interrupted and serializing logins to the same repo.
- User Experience
  - started writting our proposed solution to the Support Logical Resources plan item.

- bug fixing

- discussions around some enhancements

- work on plan item 37702:
  - provided support for local admins to mirror remote update sites so that local users
    update their product within their own internal network.

- interop on Motif no longer GP's with JDK 1.5
- lots of problems in BIDI on GTK
- HTML widget work proceeding

- released initial implementation of generic watch items
- work proceeding with breakpoints in external source

- support for disabling an external tool builder
- hyperlinks in Ant output from external/seperate VM

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