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[eclipse-dev] Swing support in Eclipse 3.0


The "Eclipse Project DRAFT 3.0 Plan" document says:

Proposed Items (Eclipse Platform subproject, no theme)
The following work items are being actively investigated, but we are not yet
able to promise any solution for this release:
(new) Provide Swing interoperability. Eclipse plug-in developers often have
existing Swing-based UIs that they would like to integrate with Eclipse.
Eclipse should provide a wrapper that allows Swing widgets to be embedded
within a SWT UI. [SWT] (37724

The date of the document is May'2003. Is the fate of Swing interoperability
in Eclipse 3.0 still unknown?

My problem is: I am a supporter of Eclipse, and wanted to make sure the
company (a big communication testing company) I work for uses it in its
nextgen tools app. However, because of the uncertainty on that Swing
interoperability issue it probably won't happen. So, can anyone offer more
info on that?



P.S. Based on what I read on the Web, it's not just us. IMHO, that
interoperability issue is really holding Eclipse proliferation back...

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