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Re: [eclipse-dev] Translation packs for 2.1

The Eclipse translations that appear on are donated by IBM.  They are not produced or maintained by the Eclipse development team.  IBM produces translations for their products that are based on Eclipse.  In the past IBM has then donated the Eclipse subset of their product translations to

I do not know when or if IBM will donate 2.1 translations to  If they do make the contribution, will happily host them.

Note that simply updating the version numbers of the 2.0.2 translations to 2.1 is a limited solution at best.  Naturally these would not contain translations for new or changed strings.


"John Hanson" <john.hanson@xxxxxxxxx>
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06/04/2003 10:48 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Translation packs for 2.1

The current instructions for translating version 2.1 of Eclipse are to use
the 2.0.2 translation packs and manually update them to version 2.1. Are
there any plans to release translation packs specific to version 2.1?


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