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Re: Think big (RE: [eclipse-dev] Re: What's happening after 2.1?

I made a similar comment a while back.  My suggestion was to render JavaDoc as WYSIWYG HTML, with perhaps extensions for handling different @tags and presenting them in a custom UI.  For example, both EMF and Rational add their own custom @tags to javadoc comments.

I think this type of thing is still far away.  There is no WYSIWYG support in Eclipse.  Lot's of different editors are being built around the current architecture, so this would require everyone to rewrite their source editors, or there could be two versions of the java source editor (not good).

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What about something bigger than simply color coding and actually use smart typosgraphy:
page 20-23
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> - Definable syntax coloring mechanism for code display (see TextPad:
See Color Editor:
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