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Re: [eclipse-dev] plugin link files with unc mapping part 2

There are general issues with running Eclipse from a UNC based path name.
Please see:

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Greetings I have found the following information:

"The property path is a comma-separated list of optionally annotated
install paths. The property value install-path is a full file path to the
installation directory root, specified in local OS format. The optional
annotation r or rw indicates whether Eclipse update support should allow
the specified location to be used for updates. Default is to allow updates

Am I wrong in assuming that this is a bug? unc is a local OS format but
eclipse does not seem to handle it. Any plans to fix this in future





With eclipse 2.0 are there any known issues if in the plugin link files
there is a unc mapped drive and not a c: mapped drive?

Specifically with Websphere Application Developer 5.0 in the eclipse/links
directory there are files that link to specific plugins.  I am using Merant
PVCS Version Manager  and it is linked to a unc mapped network drive for
the plugin information.

Does eclipse need to have a c: mapped drive and not unc mapping for those
to work?


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