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RE: Think big (RE: [eclipse-dev] Re: What's happening after 2.1?

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I think this type of thing is still far away.  There is no WYSIWYG support in Eclipse.  Lot's of different editors are being built around the current architecture, so this would require everyone to rewrite their source editors, or there could be two versions of the java source editor (not good).  
One way to overcome this problem and enable us to experiment with new innovative code editing technologies might be to refactor the current JDT editor support away from the current editor so it could be added to *any* editor that is embedded inside Eclipse.  This would enable people to keep using (and developing if they like) the current code editor while we experiment with other, more experimental and innovative designs.
It also would enable the people clamoring for a true VI and a true Emacs inside Eclipse to have their way *and* have Eclipse's cool Java code assist features.

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