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RE: [eclipse-dev] J:Rockit VM support, other VM support

I have been running with Sun's 1.4.1_02 JVM and the only odd thing I have noticed is that twice on e exit, the VM crashed, which had not happened with _01 and previous versions. One of the crashes was after I killed e from WinXP SP1 when it was "Not Responding".




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Subject: [eclipse-dev] J:Rockit VM support, other VM support


Eclipse seems to work with Sun VM.

But there are many other JDK 1.4 VM, such as a very fast BEA J:Rockit 8 (JDK1.4) and it does not work with it.


How can I (we) go about supporting any JDK1.4 VM?


Some other IDE's used to be tied to Sun JDK (CodeGuide) but now support any JDK.




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