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Re: [eclipse-dev] J:Rockit VM support, other VM support

The best path is for people interested in alternate VMs to try them and find the problems.  Use bugzilla to report problems.  As with all issues, the more you track them down and resolve them (i.e., submit a patch), more likely the problem will be fixed in the base code.  We already cover a large number of VMs, OSes and window systems.  Help from the rest of the community is paramount.


"Vic Cekvenich" <maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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03/21/2003 12:16 PM
Please respond to eclipse-dev

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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] J:Rockit VM support, other VM support

Eclipse seems to work with Sun VM.
But there are many other JDK 1.4 VM, such as a very fast BEA J:Rockit 8 (JDK1.4) and it does not work with it.
How can I (we) go about supporting any JDK1.4 VM?
Some other IDE's used to be tied to Sun JDK (CodeGuide) but now support any JDK.

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