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[eclipse-dev] PDE regression: importing binary projects broken

PDE has detected a stop-ship regression in RC3a caused by a side-effect of
another defect fix. The problem is described in:

If you self-host with binary projects, you probably noticed the problem
(the most visible consequence is a bunch of compile errors from PDE UI
'template' folder). The problem is caused by incorrect addition of binary
plug-in project as the source container, causing all kinds of unindented

We would like to fix this problem ASAP. Please take a look at the defect
and let us know if you have concerns about the proposed fix.


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Manager, Eclipse Platform Components
IBM Canada Ltd.
Tel. 905 413-2745  T/L 969-2745
Fax. 905 413-4854

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