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[eclipse-dev] Status of Copyright Updates - README

Hi folks,

The copyright fixing process went interestingly.

The actual plug-in that checked copyrights and changed them worked quickly.  The big bottleneck was wrestling with many CVS Servers issues that are not really related to Eclipse.  This impacted the tagging (both the pre and post change) process and committing process.

But enough whining.  Here is the state of the world.

1) There is a v20030310-precopyrightupdate tag that represents the state of the world before I started.
2) There is a v20030310-postcopyrightupdate tag that represents all AUTOMATED changes for all projects EXCEPT:
        org.eclipse.jdt.ui.refactoring/resource (note only resource folder was excluded)



In these projects all .java and .properties files where scanned and the majority where updated.  A file would not have been updated iff:
        It had multiple copyrights
        It had a non-IBM copyright
        It had multiple contributors

Files meeting the above criteria have been logged to a file and will be processed manually.  The big question is whether RelEng will process these files or if the individual component owners will process these files.  I am open to input on this issue.

org.eclipse.apache.lucerne was excluded because the majority of the *.java files began with the comment:
        /* Generated By:JavaCC: Do not edit this line. Version 2.1 */

This leads me to believe that these files may require a different copyright than our standard IBM one.  I will do the 4 jdt.core.* projects tomorrow with Olivier.

So where do we stand.

1) Automated work is done.
2) Config maps are open.
3) I will be consulting with team leads Tuesday to see how they want to handle the files that require manual work.
4) Can the team withthe binary diff technology drop me a line so I can point you at a couple of builds to diff against.
5) So everybody take a look at your code.  I hope you like what has been done.  Please let me know if there are any problems.




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