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RE: [eclipse-dev] Problems with Eclipse on FreeBSD 4.7

Hello Nick


I'm rather new to FreeBSD so i don't know all the fancy commands yet. Keep that in mind.


Anyway, I've checked the file. I haven't changed it yet, due to lack of time.


I did write down the error I get.  


** (<unknown>:280): WARNING **: Couldn't load font "MS Sans Serif Bold 8" falling back to "Sans Bold 8".


So it seems to solve itself. I'll adjust the fonts file tonight.

But since you know now that the correct font is "Sans Bold 8" it might already answer your question.


I'll figure out what I need to change to the font files and when I'm finished, I'll send them/it to you.




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10 March 2003 15:29
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If you would like to tweak the file to settings that are appropriate for FreeBSD and contribute the changes back to us, I will post the file on the Eclipse UI team web page.
The initial font settings are found in the file (and platform-specific variants) in plugins/org.eclipse.jface/jface.jar.

Nick Edgar
Eclipse Platform UI Team Lead

Just to let you guys know. I 'deinstalled' the M4 version of eclipse.
Installed the M5 version and no problems. Everything works fine, it does
complain about missing fonts, but that is it. So it could have been in the
M4 version in combination with FreeBSD.


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