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[eclipse-dev] Copyright Change Starting

Hi folks,

I am very impressed with the amount of new code that has gone into HEAD since the Friday afternoon freeze.  Presuming everybody was using RC2 while doing this then the Team Synchronize and commit actions have been well tested by all teams during the first day of the test pass ;-)

Seriously though, in light of the feedback I have seen there are a few minor changes to the process.  However, the process goes on and will begin immediately after I send this message.

1) Everybody please stop committing changes to HEAD
2) Check-out HEAD of all Eclipse projects.
3) Tag all projects with v20030310-precopyrightupdate
4) Produce a reference build based on #3.  Internal only.
5) Automatically update copyrights in all *.java and *.properties files except:
        Any file with multiple copyrights (yes there are some)
        Any file with a non-IBM copyright.
        Any file with multiple contributors

6) Go through logs generated by tool and manually fix:
        Multiple copyrights
        non-IBM copyrights
        Multiple contributors
7) Commit all changes
8) Produce a check build to make sure we are binary compatible with the reference build.
9) Tag all project as v20030310-precopyrightupdate
10) Tag all project versions that went into RC2 as RC2 (as a convenience for those of you who may have to merge and verify changes).
11) Send a "Complete" message with logs from tool.
12) Everybody can continue their test pass by committing code to HEAD ;-)

At this point all developers will be responsible for maintaining their own copyrights.  We will add a RelEng automated test to verify that all copyrights in all *.java and *.properties files stay "correct".

I think this covers everything.  Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.





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