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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build] Build N20021205 (Timestamp: 200212050010):Compile errors in build


Plug-in API re-exports are indeed transitive.  PDE UI should see both the
API of PDE Core and JDT Core. It sounds like there's a problem with the way
build-time classpaths are being computed.

Aside: It's odd for PDE Core to be re-exporting the API of JDT Core.  The
original intent of the re-export mechanism is to allow a tool that is cut
up into several plug-ins (for whatever reason) to be able to coalesce its
API offerings so that it's clients are not exposed to the fact that several
plug-ins are used. I wouldn't recommend using API re-exporting as a way to
do your clients a favour; otherwise, next thing you know every plug-in will
be re-exporting the Core Resources API if they come in contact with
resources. A tool should provide its own API, and allow other tools to do
the same.


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This is an interesting failure that may be caused by PDE computing
classpaths incorrectly, but I need a confirmation.

PDE UI imports PDE plug-in;
PDE plug-in imports PDE Core and reexports it
PDE Core imports JDT Core and reeexports it

Question: Should PDE UI see JDT Core or not? Apparently, PDE thinks it
should (and JDT Core seem to agree, since there are no compilation errors).
However, build compiler thinks otherwise. Who is right?


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Build N20021205 (Timestamp: 200212050010):  Compile errors in build.  See
attached compile logs.(See attached file:

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