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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build] Build N20021205 (Timestamp: 200212050010):Compile errors in build

It must be the PDE classpath computation being guilty. This error message
would occur when the classpath is indeed missing some entries.
Maybe things would be more obvious if the generated log was containing the
compiler command line.

This message is a little cryptic and we will improve it to tell which
required classfile is missing a prereq.

Dejan Glozic/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA@xxxxxxxxxxx on 12/05/2002 03:55:32 PM

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       200212050010):Compile errors in build

This is an interesting failure that may be caused by PDE computing
classpaths incorrectly, but I need a confirmation.

PDE UI imports PDE plug-in;
PDE plug-in imports PDE Core and reexports it
PDE Core imports JDT Core and reeexports it

Question: Should PDE UI see JDT Core or not? Apparently, PDE thinks it
should (and JDT Core seem to agree, since there are no compilation errors).
However, build compiler thinks otherwise. Who is right?


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[eclipse-build] Build N20021205 (Timestamp:
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Build N20021205 (Timestamp: 200212050010):  Compile errors in build.  See
attached compile logs.(See attached file:

(See attached file:

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