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RE: [eclipse-dev] MacOS X: Interface bugs

> >2) Textboxes  (or whatever the equivalent in the SWT) hide their
> >contents as if the content has been completely scrolled to the 
> >right. (so the text is hidden under the left edge of the box). It's 
> >a little annoying when you think that the build directory hasn't 
> >been added when you look under the source properties and you end up 
> >with a weird build path like:
> Bug #23851 has been fixed on 2002/09/24.
> What version of Eclipse are you using?
> Please reopen bug if problem still exists after that date.

I just downloaded the M1 build of eclipse for Mac OS X a day or two ago.
I also see this issue.  It looks like M1 was posted on 2002/09/20, so
maybe the issue is fixed in a Mac build that hasn't been publicly
released yet?


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