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Re: [eclipse-dev] Latest 2.0.2 build and CVS test failures

The upload of builds to has been extremely slow at
times over the past week, M20021023 is still being pushed.  Infra is


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Where is the latest 2.0.2 build ?

Christophe Elek (Platform Update)
(905) 413-3467

Wednesday, October 23, 2002 2:41 PM
To: eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
From: "Michael Valenta" <Michael_Valenta@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [eclipse-dev] Latest 2.0.2 build and CVS test failures

To those preparing to test the latest 2.0.2 build,

The CVS test case failures on windows for the 2.0.2 build do not indicate a
problem with CVS in 2.0.2 and should be ignored. We have had an ongoing
timing issue with the automated CVS tests that results in intermittant test
failures. We have verified that increasing a timeout value test parameter
results in all test cases passing with this same 2.0.2 build.

Michael Valenta

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